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 Do It Yourself Osceola Turkey Hunting

South Florida has some awesome public lands that are loaded with Turkeys. It takes a little effort to get out there and locate the birds but I can tell you that it is worth the time to go and scout. The best way to scout is to get out in the woods before dawn and listen for turkeys calling from the roost. Later in the day check fields and pastures with binoculars. Florida's wildlife management areas require quota permits or special opportunity permits to hunt turkeys. Both types of permits are available by drawing. You must apply before a set deadline and then wait and see if your application has been successfully drawn. There are 42 public areas across the state which allow turkey hunting without any quota permits.

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Big Cypress wma is hands down my favorite. Located in the deep south of Florida and more than a half million acres of land open to turkey hunting and there are no special permits required. Spring Turkey season opens March 5th which is about the earliest spring turkey hunting in the country. The season closes April 10th. click here to view the brochures for the Big Cypress .
The best part about Big Cypress is that there is so much land only access able by the most die hard turkey hunter, that you can always find turkeys that someone else hasn't. You just need to back pack in with a tent, set up a back country campsite. Walk in farther than the average turkey hunter is willing to walk and you will find success.

Three Lakes WMA has over 50,000 acres open to turkey hunting without a permit. Located in Osceola county, turkey hunting starts March 19 and runs through April 24th. Click here for the brochure. Three lakes has plenty of room for turkey hunters to find a gobbler that another hunter hasn't already zeroed in on. There are lots of trails that you can drive your vehicle on which gives you access to the whole area.

Kissimmee River Public Use Area has over 30,000 acres of prime turkey hunting. Most of this area is accessable by boat........