florida osceola turkey



How much does it cost to hire a guide or go on a guided turkey hunt? Turkey hunting in Florida can be very expensive but doesn't have to be. There is no such thing as a guaranteed 100% successful Osceola turkey hunt. My grandfather told me about how his buddy would condition captive reared Osceolas to respond to a call. He would use the same turkey call to call the birds at feeding time. They were then released on the ranch and not fed for a couple days. When he called the turkeys they would come running. That wasn't guaranteed either. Sometimes a coyote or bobcat would eat the bird before it could be hunted.


A typical guided hunt on public land is 300.00 .  special public hunts are 500. Special hunts cost more because they cost money to buy the permits. "Typical" means we meet at 4:30am travel to the woods and get set up near a roost well before day break. If not successful calling a Tom down from the roost we would try some blind calling in likely travel routes. Turkey hunting ends at 1pm in Florida but we would usually finish hunting around 11am.
 Private land hunts vary depending on the property we would hunt on. The price ranges between 500.00 to 1000.00 Spring Turkey hunting in Florida is in March and April. Contact Us if you would like to go hunting.